Our workshop has evolved dramatically over the past half a decade mainly due to owner Ciaran O’Hara’s experience as a qualified engineer.

Upon arrival, all bikes are subject to an initial diagnosis. It is at this stage in which we can begin to identify the service required. It is essential to differentiate between what is a repair job and what is a routine service. If a repair is required, this means that damage has already been done to the bike and so must be rectified. At this stage we will deliver our initial prognosis and an estimate of the work to be carried out and approximate timeline for completion.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge in the field, and genuinely believe that prevention is better than cure. It is for this reason that servicing of bikes is at the heart of what we do. We carry out maintenance on our customers bikes on a regular basis and deliver detailed consultations to help owners understand how best to look after their bike to ensure years of service.

At The Bike General we are widely recognised for our reasonable pricing, this has afforded us a loyal community of return custom, many of whom have become friends and ride partners.

To book a consultation, please contact and we will arrange an appointment.

For those who cannot travel or are further afield, we offer a collection/delivery service and also a remote service on an annual subscription basis. All you need for the latter is a stable internet connection and a set of tools! For more information see our visitor shop.