Online Repair & Advice (Annual Subscription)


Fed up traipsing & to the shop with small bike repair jobs? Sick searching for hours online only to buy the wrong part? Endlessly confused with 100’s of different options when it comes to new bikes and upgrades? Not afraid to adjust your bike but concerned about making finely tuned adjustments? The Bike General is here to help. Over the years my knowledge base has allowed me to develop my skills in carrying out & and guiding repairs remotely and recommending purchases based on your needs and budget. A subscription to our online service allows you unlimited access to a professional and experienced bike mechanic 24/7, 365 days a year via all channels of contact for advice and repairs. The more you use the service the better we get to know you and your bike, meaning each consultation gets smoother and your skills as a mechanic constantly improve. All you need are some basic tools (allen keys, screwdriver, spanner) and a stable internet connection.